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Choosing which Merchants to use with DFF tools

Eventhough DFF support data feeds from thousands of merchants, you may not want to show all merchants on your site or you may not have all the relationship either.
For these reasons we allow you to select only the merchants you would like to show when using DFF scripts on your site.

To get started you should login to your DFF affiliate control panel first.

Then go to the Merchants tab to start selecting or deselecting merchants.

Note on different merchant statuses:
Why do we have Prospect, Shared Commission and Sponsored?

Prospects Merchants
These are merchants who have not approved or probably does not know who and what DFF does. All we need is their written / online / verbal approval or blessing from either somebody in that company or their Affiliate Manager. We just want to make sure the people in those company knows and recognized who we are and what we do.
You can help DFF establish this merchant relationship and even get compensation for your effort by using our Merchant Referral Program.
All you have to do is email, call or talk to the affiliate manager and explain the them about DFF. Once they sign-up either through our Online Application or the Merchant Referral Program, we will take care of their account and activate their data feed.

Shared Commission
Most merchants on DFF are Shared Commission, which means everytime there is a clickthrough from your website to the merchant's website DFF will use a counter that counts from 1 to 4, everytime the counter reaches 4, DFF will use DFF's affiliate ID instead of yours. The other 3 clicks will be pass through using your affiliate ID. Learn more about Shared Commission here.

Sponsored Merchants
Some merchants have been kind enough to just support DFF and pay a flat monthly fee for their affiliates to use their data feed with DFF. These merchants are DFF Sponsors hence the name, Sponsored Merchants. Everytime there is a clickthrough to a Sponsored Merchant website, no counter will be used, your Affiliate ID will always be used in the tracking link 100% of the time. We will never substitute our DFF affiliate ID for Sponsored Merchants.

The more merchants the merrier
Since our specialty is Price Comparison Shopping... we need as much merchant approved as possible. Obviously it is better to show more merchants to shop for a particular product than just a couple of merchants. We urge you to reach out and spread the word about DFF to your affiliate managers you know. Tell them about DFF, tell them it is easy to participate and it is completely FREE (shared commission).

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