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Explanation about Affiliate Network and Merchant Affiliate Program Cookie using DFF services

The affiliate tracking cookie is not placed by DFF.

DFF simply controls a simple rotating counter from 1 to 4. When the counter reach 4, we put DFF's affiliate site ID instead of yours. This apply to whatever affiliate network or merchants. Of course if the merchant is a sponsored merchant, your affiliate ID will always be used. Same if you subscribe to DFF flat monthly fee subscription your affiliate ID will always be used, not DFF's.

So if your affiliate site ID was used during the click-through, then the affiliate network will place a cookie on the client's browser to reward you when there is a sale.

The lifetime of the cookie depends up to the affiliate program, for example (just a scenario may not be true), may have a cookie lifetime of 30 days where may have a cookie lifetime of 6 months. It depends on each merchant's affiliate program.

The user / shopper may also clears / delete their browser cookie which means future sales will no longer be rewarded to anyone, unless the shopper clicks from your web site again.

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